What is The Best Font to Use on Business Cards For Maximum Readability?

 There are numerous moving parts to consider in terms of optimizing your business cards, but no aspect is more important than the font. After all, the entire purpose of business cards is convey information about your enterprise or employer, and there is a pretty good chance that they will be practically useless if the font isn’t up to scratch. It’s time to address the elephant in the room by talking about the best font to use on business cards for maximum readability, and the answer is actually more obvious than many would assume.

The truth of the situation is that Metal Kards are always best off if they have sans serif fonts on top. This is because of the fact that serif fonts tend to take up too much space and make the text seem so cluttered that you would be hard pressed jumping from one word to the next. There are actually so many sans serif fonts out there that you are truly spoiled for choice, and they have a nice bonus benefit of being in fashion in the modern era! While you might argue that serif fonts such as Times New Roman used to be the status quo, this has changed in previous decades which makes sans serif the only way to go for the most part.

 In the end, readability is all about spacing and character shapes. The fact of the matter is that sans serif fonts have enough space between the letters that your business card recipients will face no trouble whatsoever in reading what is displayed. Calibri and Arial are both decent font options, and they’re broadly used to which means that any service provider you work with will have what it takes to print them. Also, underlining key phrases can also be a useful endeavor all in all.

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