April 17, 2021

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This Prepackaged Oreo Mousse Is the Ultimate Dessert Shortcut

To most people today, the Oreo is a snack that sandwiches creme in between two chocolate cookies. Nevertheless the flavors may possibly transform, that’s rather much the standard structure.

This Prepackaged Oreo Mousse Is the Greatest Dessert Shortcut


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But don’t convey to that to the deli freezer portion of your area Walmart, since that is where by they feel to be hiding large one particular-pound tubs of Oreo Mousse, as evidenced by a current Instagram article from @SnackGator.

This gorgeous bucket of tastiness is a “creamy mousse combined with Oreo cookie parts on leading of an Oreo cookie crumb,” in accordance to the packaging. It is the fantastic way to gown up any dessert with a creamy, delectable ingredient, saving you the time it would commonly acquire to whip up some cookies and creme mousse on your have. Conversely, you can just get a spoon and go to town on this matter straight from the tub. I necessarily mean, it’s 2020. Why the heck not.

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Though it’s worthy of remembering that just simply because you see some thing on Instagram does not mean it’s obtainable almost everywhere, commenters on the @SnackGator put up have affirmed that they’ve spotted mentioned buckets of Oreo mousse (but not an Oreo Moose) at their area Walmart. Evidently, it’s also available in smaller sized-sized cups if you want to stuff your confront with 1.

So if you absence a food items processor, endurance, or the abilities necessary to make your have Oreo mousse, take into consideration this prepackaged alternative your new secret weapon. Or it can just be a way to try to eat Oreos with out seriously possessing to chew nearly anything. Your get in touch with.

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